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[RAGE] VuuaaK Join Request

• Nickname(s), real name, age & location?:
Hello.My name is Abdullah and my nick name VuuaaK and i 16 years old and I live in Israel in Jerusalem

• How long have you been playing MTA?:
 I started playing the mta in 2014

• Your previous clans, official & community clans. (tell the reasons why you left or were kicked): 
2.Back To The Future |left
3.Asset of Skill | left 
4NAB Team| Currently

• Gamemodes you're most interested in?:
DM old school and shooter jump !

• Why do you want to join [RAGE]?:
I‘m pretty active in FFS, spending a lot of time in Shooter and Oldschool
I would like to help the clan develop and progress in performance Heart

• How can we contact you? (Discord): 
Discord VuuaaK#2159

• Additional information (Optional):
I am learning computer technology at school I play every day for 5 hours

Thanks for reading

Feel free to join our Discord!

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