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Clan Roster (10)

[Image: Sgk2ejg.png]
Clan Roster

                  Nicknames                      Country                  Position                                       Extra
Atomatic[Image: flag-thailand2x.png] ThailandLeaderHead of the clan
noneNile[Image: flag-iraq2x.png] IraqLeaderHead of OS Squad
K4K4TY[Image: flag-egypt2x.png] EgyptLeaderHead of OS Squad & Clan Mapper
Dark#[Image: flag-russia2x.png] RussiaLeaderHead of Community
Nemesis[Image: flag-thailand2x.png] ThailandMemberOS Squad
Rikudou[Image: flag-indonesia2x.png] IndonesiaMemberOS Squad
Zeta[Image: flag-egypt2x.png] EgyptMemberOS Squad & Clan Mapper
MasterEiEi[Image: flag-thailand2x.png] ThailandMemberDesigner
Mice[Image: flag-indonesia2x.png] IndonesiaTrialOS Squad
Vuuaak[Image: flag-israel2x.png] IsraelTrialOS Squad
Mavrin[Image: flag-russia2x.png] RussiaTrialOS Squad
R!CO[Image: flag-egypt2x.png] EgyptTrialOS Squad

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