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Getting pets is very simple because the Dofus Kamas 2.48 update

Getting pets is very simple because the Dofus Kamas 2.48 update. Pet statistics derive from their level 100, so you'll have time to get the most bonuses. Beginning at level 60, you can consider playing with Earth, although the material is expensive for limited efficacy. However, nothing stops you from testing the LowCost variant if it's this way that tempts you.

It is not advised to play two-element at this degree, but you're still able to carry out some tests should you want. The bi-element is still fairly expensive for this level, but you'll eventually have your Blinding Arrow to finally exploit the water way. The Fire trail remains the most acceptable for PvM, and the PvP ground and water routes for PM withdrawal. The Air Way is a fantastic way to produce substantial single-target harm. Beginning at level 105, and for the subsequent levels, you have the option of utilizing bi-elemental pathways, frequently with greater damage to single-element pathways. The opportunity to test your own Persecutor Arrow in Fire / Air Do Crit manner, though it isn't quite as powerful as before.

It's also likely to go on a multi-element material to ease your farm in PvM, or maintain a full fire way as presented here. If you want 6 MP on the water / land track, you are able to replace your Dragodinde with a Muldo. Amount 130 or elegance level for bi-elemental pathways! Plenty of things can be found, and you can use all the possibilities of Cra, depending upon your affinities. You can also have fun playing the Class Belt, especially on the Water routes. Remember the way Full Fire is always possible. It's possible at this level to buy dofus kamas echo take mono-elemental stuffs to improve your harm, but that is not exactly what we recommend, although the Fire Lane is a superb choice for the solo farm.

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