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Clanwar Request Format

[Image: Sgk2ejg.png]
Clanwar Request Format

Title: [RAGE] vs -TAG-

Contact: (Discord)

Type: (WFF OS, DM OS)

Date & Time:



-TAG- | (Clan Name)

-TAG- Players:


-TAG- Maps:





General Rules:

- Everyone from each clan is able to participate;

- Players which joined the clan after the CW got accepted are not allowed to play;

- The minimum FPS of a player is 40;

- Teams can't cancel the CW one day before the match.

Deathmatch Rules:

- Backdriving for nitro and repair is allowed;

- Waiting for nitro is allowed;

- Skipping useless nitro and repair pickups is allowed;

- Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed;

Who Finishes First (WFF) Rules:

- There are no Hunter fights, the first player to reach the Hunter gets the point.

- Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed.

- Skipping nitro/repair pickups is allowed.

- Releasing the nos late is allowed.

- Driving backward parts forward is allowed.

- Driving roof parts forward is allowed.

- Doing the fast jump as much as you don't cut a big part is allowed.

Best Regards,
RAGE] Staff

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