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[RAGE] torrent's join request

Nickname(s), real name, age & location?:
My name is Tekeres Bence, In-game: torrent, i'm 18years old and live in Hungary,Hajdú-Bihar County,Berettyóújfalu. 

How long have you been playing MTA?:
I playing MTA since 4 years. My friend told me he is know a good server and i checked it, and how i came to the FFS Community. First i started Deathmatch Alpha it was good, but my friend is played dd and i joined to his clan. I'm now playing DM and DD too.

Your previous clans, official & community clans. (tell the reasons why you left or were kicked):
Outta Control | left

Paradoix | left, i was inactive
Physion's Rave-Cave | current

Gamemodes you're most interested in?:
HDM, Hunter

Why do you want to join [RAGE]?: 
The main reason is the community,And like this team because all member friendly (some clans is not). 

How can we contact you? (Discord):
torrent #2461

Additional information (Optional):
Thanks for the reading.



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