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NyanCat's Join Request

Nickname(s), real name, age & location?:
Hello, my nickname in game - NyanCat and my name Kirill, live i in Ukraine.

How long have you been playing MTA?:

I started playing MTA SA in 2014, in server FFS Gaming,I played shooter, then I started playing on dm.

Your previous clans, official & community clans. (tell the reasons why you left or were kicked): 

Rest in Peace - R.I.P ( Member ) ~ left ( Personal reason)

Death Crew - DC//  ( Member ) ~ Kicked ( All kicked )

First Angels (currently) 

Gamemodes you're most interested in?:

DM OS, Hunter and sometimes Shooter.

Why do you want to join [RAGE]?:

I want join because [RAGE] is active, friendly and strong clan, clan which can help in any situation.

How can we contact you? (Discord):


Good luck)


You can apply new Join Request after 1 month.

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