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[RAGE] R!CO's Join Request

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Nickname(s), real name, age, & location?:
My nick in game:R!CO' , real name Omar , Egypt

How long have u been playing MTA?: 
5 years

Your Previous clans, official & community clans. , (tell the reasons why you left or were kicked):
1-0440GandusTeam(left - boored)
2-Insane Skill Players(left - for changing)
3-TeamOfWar (left - no active players)

Gamemodes you're most interested in?:
OldSchool , hunter , shooter

Why do u want to join [RAGE]?:
Because it's a good clan and i have friends in too and for changing ^^

How can we contact you? 
i'm always active in ffs u can pm or on discord: RicoAmin#3813

additional information:
i'm good at mapping i have 3 os maps and 2 shooter


Welcome R!CO[RAGE]

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